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Lala doodle

Lala doodle




I lost 5 followers from saying I don’t like cats like wow

Cats are fun but dogs are literally the best little shits ever.

Sorry guys but reptiles are where it’s at

cmon you know it’s gotta be pet tentacles

I’m still around, just dealing with a bunch of shit >.<

I’m still around, just dealing with a bunch of shit >.<

Back from Miami. I’m so burned. literally. Worst sunburn. Everything hurts ahh. Probably gonna throw out some commission infos tomorrowish. Lots of stuff coming up and I need all the money I can get. Uhh. Responsibilities.

Vixen sketch by Gekipie
Ilu Ntee ok?

Ilu Ntee ok?

idk doodle

idk doodle

Ridley Sketch by Gekipie

too much anxiety and stress and uhhh

it’s been a very long day

and at some moments i just wonder, if i can feel alright again

Nido butt by Gekipie
Kanga Finn by Gekipie

R.I.P. Pew.

We love you and you will always be in our hearts.

Nido too tsun by Gekipie
Nido too shy by Gekipie
I'm so so sorry to hear about your kitty<3 It's heartbreaking when things like this happen, but it's best to spend all the time you can with them and remember that things will get better.

Thank you…it is very hard, and i’m still so unsure how to deal with it. I try to keep myself positive but then I just have these moment where I just break down. She’s our precious baby after all, this was not supposed to happen :/