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My toes hurt from all the ant bites fml.

So fucking done with ants. We got like a surprise invasion or something. I’ve been bit so many times now I can’t even. And I feel like phantom ants constantly crawling all over me. UHHHHHHHHH.

i was playing DDR and husband came home and he got really excited and then he took over the pad.




people who like my OCs


people who know who my OCs are


people who know that I have OCs



having one of those days where i just can’t anything.

free hugs

Gnome Army by Gekipie

I’d say, TMI tuesday but I’m kinda boring.

Happy birthday zferolie

Happy birthday zferolie


If everyone of my followers gave me $1.26 I would be able to pay off my ex and leave this place.
So far 4 people have donated and I have $135 dollars.

I need to find a place AND raise money to pay off my ex AND on top of it all I have to do that in less than a month.

A friend of…



Time for a celebration! I reached 2000 followers here on my art blog! Gosh I’m just so moved to continue having people join me in my artistic journey through life. Thank you so much to the new people as well as the old people who have both followed and supported me and my freelancing endeavours. It means the world to me.

Now for some art raffle fun! It’s fairly simple. Reblogs are how you get entered. And you do not need to be following me nor do you need to follow me now to enter (although if you like my art you are welcome to :3). Each reblog counts as a ticket. End date is on the image above ^

There is one prize. A softshade bust (shoulders up)

OCs and fanart characters welcome!

Try not to spam too many reblogs please!!



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The raffle ends in one more day so get your last reblogs in!

Ranger by Gekipie
hands feeling like

hands feeling like